Federica Guida


The twenty-five-year-old singer from Palermo was, for me, the most interesting element of this rendition of Rigoletto. Her voice is robust, very timbred and engaging to listen to. In the cavatina she was been able to combine agility and carnality in the best way.

The long hairpin at the end of the cadenza was breath-taking and the diminuendo on the final trill was flawless. The long and very loud applause, in my opinion the most intense of the whole afternoon, that welcomed her was fully deserved.

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Musetta is also excellent, entrusted to Federica Guida. Finally a coquettish Musetta who doesn’t shrill vocally. With a perfect, brilliant and adamantine voice Federica Guida manages to play a Puccini character with dignity and femininity.

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Federica Guida is a lively and enchanting Oscar, with agility well unravelled with trebles, B flats and natural Bs in ballad and song, bright and with a beautiful and sure ascent to C in the quintet.

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Federica Guida soprano